Interactive Remote Demos (IRD) Presented in High Definition

Live virtual interactive remote demos presented to clubs.

Interactive Remote Demos (IRD) in HD with your club and club members

Jim offers a wide variety of high definition interactive remote demos to clubs. This is where he streams from one (Jim) to either many in one location (at your meeting) or to your club members at their individual locations.

We are excited, since January 2020, to offer Interactive Remote Demonstrations (in addition to live demos and classes) to woodturning clubs around the world. Using director software to control multiple cameras, large models, PowerPoint presentations and two way streaming capabilities, the audience experience is just like I’m there in person.

Here is a short YouTube video that shows what an Interactive Remote Demo experience is like from me:.

Live Interactive Remote Demos are a great way to bring world class talent to your club or club members. Utilizing a multi camera set-up, you get to see the tool action close-up as well as from the side so you see body movement. This ensures you are presenting the tool cutting edge in the most effective and efficient manner.

“It’s Like Having A Front Row Seat!” – an IRD Attendee

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