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Striving to enhance your knowledge of woodtuning.

Interactive Remote Demos (IRD) in High Definition

Live Interactive Remote Demos are a great way to bring world class talent to your club or group members. Utilizing a multi camera set-up, you get to see the tool action close-up as well as from the side so you see body movement. This ensures you are presenting the tool cutting edge in the most effective and efficient manner. Currently, we can host up to 98 attendees at an IRD.

Personal Remote Demos (PRD) in High Definition

Personal Remote Demos are demos are held on a monthly basis and open to anyone to attend. Pick the topics that interest you and join in the fun. Meet other turners from around the world from the comfort of your own streaming device while you are learning new techniques and processes. To see the schedule of our upcoming PRD’s, click here.

Private Lessons

Lessons are structured around where you are in your woodturning journey and what you want to learn. Are you a beginner and need to know where to start? An intermediate turner and want to fine tune your skills? An advanced turner that just wants to learn spindle turning? Whatever your level of turning we have a private lessons available for you.

Club Demos and Workshops

We love conducting In-Person Live Demos and Workshops for woodturning clubs. Held in a multi-day format. The first day is a live demonstration. The next 1 to 4 days are hands on workshops or classes. Topics include the Sensational Skew, Spindling Your Way to Better Bowls, Introduction to Spindle Turning, and Box Turning. Contact us to discuss topics and schedules for your woodturning club. Our tools are packed and we are ready to travel.

Upcoming Personal Remote Demos Presented in High Definition

Live presentations from the comfort of your home.

Ask the Woodturner - FREE

Just like the title says. Jim will be in his studio to answer questions or explain techniques or processess. Take advantage of speacking with a production turner with over 40 years’ experience.

Date: Sunday, April 11
Time: 12 noon ET

Into to Spindle Turning - $12

There is a reason the old woodturning Apprenticeships taught spindle turning first; that’s how you develop great tool control and an understanding of how wood likes to be cut. Let Jim introduce you how to properly and safely spindle turn. Roughing gouges, spindle gouges, parting tools and skews are all used in turning spindles. Roughing gouges are used to take stock from square to round, skews for smoothing the spindle, and spindle gouges are used for creating coves, beads and other details. We will cover all the different cuts and what it takes to be successful at spindle turning and share ideas on all the wonderful things you can make with spindles.

Date: Tuesday, April 6
Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm ET

Intro to Boxes

Suction lid, slip fit, loose fit are just some of the decisions you need to make when turning a box. Grain alignment, yes or no, is another. This demo will show how to mount your blank and cleanly hollow the box and lid. Design and proportion will also be discussed.

Date: Wednesday, April 21
Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm ET

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