Personal Remote Demos (PRD) Presented in High Definition

Live interactive personal presentations from the comfort of your shop or home.

Current Personal Remote Demos (PRD) in High definition

Jim offers monthly, a wide variety of high definition personal interactive demos. Be sure to come back here often to see what new and exciting courses are available.

Personal Remote Demos allow individuals to learn from the comfort of their own shop or home, while Jim takes you through the process of learning new techniques step by step. Each session has a specific topic, and dates to customize your experience. Each meeting/demo is limited to a certain number of participants allowing for interaction between Jim and the group.

Ask The Woodturner - FREE

Come join us for Jim Echter’s monthly Ask the Woodturner session. These have been a lot of fun, the attendees are all getting to make new friends and the group gets larger every month as the word gets out. Just like the title says, Jim will be in his studio to answer questions or explain techniques and processes. Take advantage of speaking with a production turner and educator with over 44 years’ experience. We have been averaging about 20 topics at each session. So bring your questions and ideas and join in on this educational and fun session.

Date: Sunday TBD
Time: 12 noon ET

Making Tool Handles

As a frugal woodturner, I like to make many of my own tools and every tool needs a nice custom handle. Turning your own tool handles is a wonderful opportunity to improve your spindle turning skills, will challenge you to fit the ferrule, allow you to try different woods and is very satisfying. In this demo, I’ll show you all the steps I go through to turn my wooden handles. We’ll discuss ferrules, what type to use and where to source them. I’ll show you how I plane a wide cove on the handle with the skew. We’ll then discuss finishes. As a wrap up, I’ll review how I make my low cost aluminum handles. This demo is appropriate for all skill levels.

Date: TBD
Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm ET

Turn Three Spin Tops

Every child enjoys spin tops. Every executive needs a desk toy for those long Zoom meetings. Every woodturner needs a practice exercise to warm up with. Spin tops are great for this. In this demo, I’ll show you how I turn and embellish a one piece finger top. I’ll show you 4 different embellishment techniques I use to decorate my tops. Then we’ll turn a two piece top. Two piece top are challenging since you are dealing with two different grain directions. We’ll wrap up by turning a throw top.

Date: TBD
Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm ET

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