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True Creations Woodturning offers a wide variety of woodturning classes and custom hands on sessions at our fully equipped studio. Learn from a professional turner with over 40 years’ experience in both production and artistic turning.

Introductory Classes

Intro to Woodturning

Have you been thinking about trying your hand at woodturning? Do you want to learn what is involved? Understand the kind of investment you need to make to get started? Then this demo/class is just for you. See a variety of lathes, from micro to large, learn about the tools, see different sharpening systems and learn about setting up your turning space. I will turn a variety of projects, both spindles and bowls, so you can see the process and get your creative juices flowing. The format is lecture, shop tour and demonstration. There will be some hands on time at a lathe so you can experience why woodturning is so fun and addicting.

Beginner Classes

We Sharpen Your Tools For You - 1 hour

So you just purchased a lathe and a set of tools and are eager to start making chips. Well, you can’t learn to turn with dull or factory ground tools. In this session, all of your turning tools will be brought to the correct shape with a razor sharp edge. You will also see how to maintain this shape and sharpness. Start off in our Intro to Spindle or Intro to Bowl Turning class with your tools ready to go so you can get right to work. Offered by appointment.

The Right Start - Spindle Turning

For centuries, apprentices were taught “between centers” woodturning techniques for spindle production. The advantage is the student learns great tool control and develops the skills needed to be highly productive. This all day class, designed for beginners, will take you through the basic exercises needed to learn spindle turning. Have fun making beads, coves and glass smooth straights with just a few basic turning tools. Have fun using these skills to make a wide variety of projects such as pens, wine bottle stoppers, door stoppers and much more.

Advanced Classes

Intro to Bowl Turning

This all day class, designed for beginners, will take you through the fundamentals and process of turning a small wood bowl. Have fun making piles of chips with a few basic turning tools. The morning will be spent on safe use of the lathe, tool selection/sharpening and basic tool techniques. The afternoon is devoted to turning a bowl that you’ll cherish forever.

Sharpening Lathe Tools

This course will teach you how to sharpen your woodturning tools. Grinding and honing techniques will be covered. Dry vs wet grinders vs belt systems will be reviewed. Jigs for consistency and set-up will be explained. Proper tool angles will be discussed with an emphasis on maintenance with honing systems.

Advanced Spindle Turning

The Advanced Spindle Turning Class will teach you all you need to know to add turned elements to your next furniture project. Reproducing parts without a duplicator will be covered. You will also learn what tool to choose for a particular job, how they are sharpened, offset turned legs, split turnings, turning to a pommel and much more. With practice exercises, you will gain confidence with the spindle gouge and skew. You will also be able to make duplicate parts with the same dimensions.

Lidded Boxes

We have all admired turned lidded boxes. This one day course explores the tools and techniques to make these jewels.
Boxes are as much proper procedure, chucking and techniques as skill. They delight young and old alike and are perfect for storing treasures—be they an engagement ring or a treasured item. You will have a chance to turn a few simple boxes and learn how to make them with beautiful form.
Boxes are pure spindle turning that can be accomplished with a spindle gouge, a scraper and a parting tool. The class will be all about spindle and scraping techniques to achieving delicate thin walls. Simple procedures and tried and true methods will be emphasized for hollowing and creating different lid fits.

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